July 26, 2008

I know where you're coming from

Do you think I'm happy
to see you
yet still holding your head up
to remind yourself
you still
still have it
above your neck?

Do you think I'm happy
to see you on the other side
causing the boat
to capsize?

Do you think I'm happy
that deep within you
is a hurt child,
still a child
yet already with a child
that you need to hide?

Do you think I'm happy
when I see through you
and see in there
a child lost in her hang-ups
because of an absent dad?

Do you think that I'm happy
when I sense
the nagging need inside you,
the need for approval,
for mundane things,
for crowd
to cheer you up
and praise you?
Do you think I do not know
that when they leave
you sulk again
in your world
with your child
who's also without a dad?

Do you think I am happy, huh?

Well, I am not like you.

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